Why did Fox choose to embark into virtual reality?

Fox’s aim has always been to connect consumers with the highest-quality entertainment in all the ways they access and experience it. The emergence of new technologies and evolving digital lifestyles is increasing consumer demand for more immersive experiences, which is why Fox is leading Hollywood’s push into virtual reality.

What does Fox want to achieve with virtual reality?

At the Fox Innovation Lab, we see virtual reality as the next generation of movie entertainment. We are leveraging virtual reality technology to create opportunities for filmmakers to tell their stories in a new medium – piercing the screen and allowing consumers to step inside.

What is the Fox Innovation Lab?

The mission of the Fox Innovation Lab is to drive the development of innovative technology and new consumer experiences across all formats and distribution models, including virtual reality. The pioneering R&D center, works closely with production, marketing and distribution across all divisions. 

What does Fox envision next for VR?

We’re in an evolutionary period for the immersive media experience. And we envision it taking many different forms beyond VR head mounted displays to more natural formats.

How many VR experiences has Fox created?

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and the Fox Innovation Lab worked with Fox Searchlight Pictures and the post production team at 20th Century Fox to create “Wild - The Experience” – an immersive virtual reality experience set in a private moment on the Pacific Crest Trail with Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon and Academy Award nominee Laura Dern’s characters from WILD, the Fox Searchlight adaptation of bestselling author Cheryl Strayed’s transformative journey. It was the first time that a virtual reality experience was created with Hollywood A-List talent, to tell a complete story in the medium. All other virtual reality experiences utilizing Hollywood content at the time “Wild – The Experience” was created were primarily with computer graphic content. 

Following the success of "Wild – The Experience:, the Fox Innovation Lab chose Ridley Scott’s, The Martian, for its first commercial virtual reality release called "The Martian VR Experience". 

Are there upcoming VR Experiences?

Yes, we are working on some exciting new VR experiences that will be announced later this year. SIGN UP to receive updates related to Fox VR Experiences.

How do I experience virtual reality content?

Fox’s VR experiences are meant to be used in conjunction with a VR system allowing you to transcend beyond a viewer to an active participant in the storyline.

Where can I purchase The Martian VR Experience?

Starting November 15, The Martian VR Experience can be purchased on PlayStation VR and HTC Vive, and will be available on Oculus later in the year.

How much does The Martian VR Experience cost?

The Martian VR Experience retails at $19.99 USD.

How is The Martian VR Experience different than what was I saw on my Samsung Gear VR?

A sneak peak of The Martian VR Experience was released in November 2015 on Samsung Gear VR. The full experience is now available for purchase.

Can The Martian VR Experience be played with two people?

The Martian VR Experience is an immersive environment meant for one person

Is The Martian VR Experience available globally?

The Martian VR Experience is available globally. Check with your preferred virtual reality system or device for availability in your region.